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iFREE Group Limited is a global mobile service provider and aggregator. iFREE is a major shareholder in Biztrak. This association presents an outstanding opportunity for Biztrak to introduce their products to the SME’s in iFREE’s international customer base.

iFREE was established in 2016 with headquarters in Hong Kong and branches in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Macau, and China, where their R and D is based. iFREE specialises in a wide range of communication solutions for digitally connected international travelers. iFREE’s comprehensive eco-system has the ability to aggregate and integrate any App-based technologies and services into its platform. They call it a ‘Travelution’.

iFREE serves a global market place, with coverage already established in over 200 countries with 600 operators and service kiosks at major international airports. Their current product range includes iGlobal SIM, MOGO S SIM and iVoice which allow international calls, data roaming and App solution for travelers.

iGlobal SIM functionality allows users to switch between telco operators and customers can enjoy one global number, free incoming and local calls in over 200 countries, often saving up to 85% on international roaming service fees. iGlobal SIM card will stay active for an entire year. You only pay for the calls, texts, and data that you use at our low global rates, and there’s no monthly top-up requirement. The iGlobal SIM card offers phone numbers from over 50 countries, and you can attach as many numbers as you like to the same iGlobal SIM card.

iFREE MOGO S is a global data SIM card that offers worldwide coverage in more than 200 countries. To deliver the ultimate convenience of connectivity to every traveler, iFREE MOGO S is equipped with high stability and high-speed internet through our extensive network in global connectivity. To help travelers save dramatically from high roaming costs, our technology has opened doors to offer local rates for international calls by connecting to 3G/4G networks without the use of international roaming.

iAds is an exciting new and powerful platform for global advertising. The iFree group specializes in geographic targeting and can efficiently and effectively show targeted ads exactly where they’ll be most helpful to a target audience.

You can read more about iFREE GROUP here.